I would like to welcome you to the ReplayBusiness.com.

We’ve named it Replay Business because we want you [directors and owners of small & medium-sized enterprises, SMEs] to think again about the basics for how any business works.

In practice we do a great deal of more than that. We provide a variety of refreshingly easy-to-use recommendations about the many ways in which you can develop profitably your business.All kinds of businesses can benefit from visiting the contents of this site. From the starting-up venture to the well established entity. Of course, every business differs to one degree or another, but the core of any business speaks a universal language.

In ReplayBusiness.com we try to pull together our hard-earned experiences, with you in mind, in an effort to provide unique business guidance to be used in your workplace. Unlike many other business websites, ReplayBusiness.com directs you and your business straight to ‘what to do and how to do it’. No time wasting.

Costas Stabolas
Senior Management Consultant
Your Partner in doing Business


Costas offers supporting services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), small banks and MFIs. He represents the new generation of business consultants, focusing on the core fundamentals. Prior to this, over the past 17 years, Costas has worked in senior roles, at a major multinational bank in Athens, Greece, dealing with numerous commercial customers from a wide range of business sectors. 

Costas is an International Certified Risk Manager, International Certified Microfinance Expert and a Certified Practitioner in Investment & Financial Consulting; he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with post-graduate studies in Business Administration and Export Marketing Management. During his career has attended numerous seminars and workshops.

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