Technical Assistance Delivery

Technical assistance (TA) has been used for many years to deliver expertise, typically by placing expatriate consultants in positions where they can advise and support counterparts in developing countries.

In the 1990s, the World Bank defined technical assistance as 'the transfer or adaptation of ideas, knowledge, practices, technologies, or skills to foster economic development.

The purposes of Technical Assistance Delivery to Small Banks and MFIs are classified as follows:

(a) Policy development

(b) Institutional development

(c) Capacity building and

(d) Project or program support.

Costas can help small banks and MFIs work successfully. This can happen in different ways. The internal processes of banks/MFIs can be improved, specific areas such as risk management or information management can be strengthened, and new products can be introduced, through the input of Costas’ Know-how.

Costas can be your partner in doing business!
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