Risk Management Advisory

Businesses face many risks, however, risk management function is less well developed within the SME sector.

 A risk management process involves:

[1] identification of the risks affecting your business activities
[2] assessment of the probability of an event occurring
[3] understanding how to react to these events
[4] putting procedures in place to deal with the consequences
[5] monitoring of all risk controls.
Following the above steps, your business improves decision-making, planning and prioritization while a serious financial loss is prevented.

Risk management becomes more important if your business decides to acquire another company, launch a new product or enter new markets.
Costas, is a Certified Risk Management Expert and a former Senior Commercial Banking Manager. He has adequate professional hard-earned experience to help your business to identify, quantify and manage risk across all departments in order to survive and grow in the new environment.

Costas can be your partner in doing business!

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