The power of Questions in Sales

Here are some reasons why you need to ask your potential customers more questions in your sales effort:
Questions engage: When a question is asked (a closed question in this case) we naturally answer (we agree, disagree or form an opinion). When this happens, your potential customer will want to see if you share the same opinion, have an interesting point, or can provide the solution to the issue. 

Questions challenge: A well-posed question can help you challenge your potential customers’ beliefs and help them uncover needs they don’t know they have. These questions are particularly important when people have “heard it all before…” or when you are launching a new product, service or concept and need to educate people on why they need your business.

Questions break down perceptions:
A lot of times potential customers bring perceptions to your business. They make assumptions about what you do and how you do it based on their level of understanding and experience with competitors. While this can work in your favor (the education is done for you), it can also work against you and fuel their objections if they have had negative past experiences. When you pose a question based on your point of difference, it can change your potential customer’s perceptions of you and separate you from competitors. 

Questions can make sales: Leading questions (where you ask your potential customer a series of questions you know they will say ‘yes’) have been proven to increase sales.

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