Meet a Certified Financial Consultant ®: Costas Stabolas

Financial consulting is a service provided by Certified Financial Consultants® to large corporations, government agencies, SMEs/ Micro businesses and individual clients. The role of a financial consultant is to provide an independent, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or decision.

There are two main types of financial consulting: business and personal

In a business financial consulting arrangement, the client has a specific plan or concept they want an independent opinion about. The role of the consultant is to review the proposed plan and identify strengths and weaknesses. They are also expected to provide advice on risk management, industry trends, long-term viability, etc.

Personal financial consulting is usually a service required by people with significant financial resources and a complex investment portfolio. These services include investment advice, taxation planning, income management, risk assessment and long-term planning. These issues must be actively managed by a professional to obtain maximum benefit with the lowest amount of risk possible.

This type of work requires a background in banking & finance and business management. Consultants usually have 15+ years of working experience. This experience add value and perspective.

A Certified Financial Consultant® (CFC®) is a professional designation obtained from The Institute of Financial Consultants®, USA.
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