Meet a Greek Certified Expert in Microfinance : Costas Stabolas

A Microfinance consultant contributes to facilitating financial institutions in providing loans, deposits and insurance services to their (micro)clients. 

He assists commercial banks in downscaling or establishing microfinance business units, in order to support them in servicing microenterprises and low-income clients with a large array of tailor-made financial products. 

He supports institutional transformation of various kinds, by supporting microfinance organisations on different levels in their organisational upscaling.

Additionally, the Microfinance consultant (1) develops and implements innovative microfinance products in the field of credit and savings, (2) improves product costing (3) evaluates credit scoring systems and (4) promotes innovative delivery channels to improve operational efficiency (i.e. branchless banking).
The provision of training courses on a large range of topics is also a crucial part of his services. 

(*) Certified Expert in Microfinance (CEMF), is a professional certification obtained from The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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