Focus on Customer Loyalty

A business is highly dependent on the creation of trust between the customer and the customer-facing staff (salespeople, customer services, etc.).  Without this trust it is difficult for a company to achieve success.

Gaining the trust and loyalty of customers is strongly linked to the behaviour of the people. 

Members of the staff should be knowledgeable about the products and services of the company, while to build trust, should also:

Always keep a promise; your word is your bond;

At the same time, never promise something you know you can’t keep. This will only create a negative image of the company;

Instead, make sure that you deliver a little more than was initially promised;

If the customer asks for something that you as a company cannot fulfill, focus on explaining why and then explain what you can do instead;

Exceed the costumer’s expectations in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones: under-promise and over-deliver!

As a front-office person, when meeting customers, remember to:

Create a favourable, friendly first impression;

Establish your credentials; show that you know your profession;

Make sure that you are always respectful towards the customer;

Listen to your customer, let the customer speak and explain;

Adjust your communication to the customer’s preferred way of communicating;

Also attempt to understand and reflect on the customer’s body language (we often say more with our gestures and facial expression than with words).

Remember: Key to long-term business success is customer loyalty, and the key to customer loyalty is trust.

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