Business Development or Sales ? Think about it!

Many times there is confusion between two terms: Sales and Business Development. Are they similar?  Yes, but they are not the same! Many companies write job descriptions for business development positions but the description depicts a salesperson. Perhaps business development has become a political correct title (or term) to hide the reality. Sales!  Some people don’t want to enter into “sales” but under the costume “business development” people will do the job of sales.

Maybe it is also a softer approach to customers. This is a psychological technique that everyone uses. Sales have a negative concept in the society. Few people want to be salespersons and even fewer want to be sold. Consultative selling was born to counteract this feeling.

Sales are:

The hunting for a deal (i.e. turning a lead into a customer)
Handling objections
Building customer relationships
Closing a customer

What is Business Development? 

The process of lead generation

Is being a salesperson really bad?  No it isn’t! Business Development is also a great job. In an organization that is large enough they are two distinct roles. Sales people sell while business development persons do not have the time to close the sell as they have to continually develop lead generation to keep sales going.

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