Educate your employees to have the right attitude to customers

Are you in the process of hiring salespeople? How do you ensure that they have the appropriate customer service ethos? How do you ensure that your business culture in general, has good customer service standards?
Important questions! Why? Because the customer is KING! For every business! ALWAYS!
Do not have any doubt! A great customer-oriented business culture begins with YOU, as a business-owner! Are YOU really serious about this? If YES, what are the actions your business will take to prove this? Try to make a list of these actions. Then obtain your employees commitment to these actions.
All the little things count! For example, customer response times and the manner in which the customer is responded to. Rules, like never argue with the customer, always listen to feedback and respond with a positive action.
Customer service procedures are very important part to your business and they should be included in the induction of every member of your team. From the receptionist to the accountant! Customer service is a total business attitude. It’s NOT negotiable! It should be part of your business DNA. It is one of the things that distinguish your business in the market place. It is your unique selling proposition. It may be the main reason people buy your product or service. It affects your profitability.
Everything about your business (and YOU), has to be about benefits for your customers. Otherwise, you are an irrelevant player in the market.
Apart from the customer service procedure, make sure of the type of people you recruit and after that train them hard in attitude.
Treat your customer service procedures with respect and discuss them regularly with your team.  Get their suggestions for improving customer service seriously and most importantly ask your customers for feedback about your service.
Remember! You can train anyone in the product or service benefits BUT it is much harder to train them in attitude!
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