A little paranoia is healthy for a business

In tough times, do not panic! Do not immediately pull out the obvious anti-crisis tools i.e. cut costs, reduce capacity, downsize and lay off workers. In downturn, a little paranoia may by healthy for your business.
Slightly paranoid organizations
Continue to invest, with caution, in new technologies, process, and systems that will lead to competitive advantage when better times return
Enhance customer service by accurately and completely delivering on promises.
Find other ways to motivate the best employees to maintain productivity today, and avoid disruptive turnover tomorrow (when cutting labor costs is unavoidable)
Devote time and energy to mission-critical resources and get rid of wasteful practices that don’t support overall objectives
Calculate constructively every decision
Prepare a Plan B
These operative skills, combined with a bit of paranoia, will help any business overcome the crisis.
Remember: The absence of problems is a problem for a business!

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