‘Bond, James Bond’

Ok! Admit it! If you are a man, you have thought about how cool it would be to be 007 for a day.  Cars, adventure, beautiful women, spy gadgets. But, there’s something else that attracts a man to Bond. It’s not just the lifestyle and accessories; it’s how he embodies so many of the qualities that we admire in a man. Self-confidence, strength, self-control, independence, and charm mixed with a bit of brute force.
What a man can learn from the Bond films?
Stay Cool. Bond shows us that being a man means staying cool under pressure. Life is tough for everyone! Get over it. Great men have the inner courage to handle themselves with confidence and self-control even when the world around them is collapsing. Bond is able to remain calm because of his past training and experience. Apart from training, playing competitive sports is a wonderful way to learn how to handle stress and prepare for battle.

Know Your Enemy. 007 never enters a battle without knowing the details of his enemy. Not just who he is, but how he thinks, what he desires, what he fears and how he can be exploited. . Identifying the enemies in your life, learning their ins and outs, and defeating them at every turn is something Bond understands and all of us should as well.

Always Keep Your Sense of Humor. Life can get pretty hard. Therefore it is imperative to always retain the ability to laugh at your situation, no matter how terrible.
Finish What You Start. A man can be counted on to complete the mission, whatever it may be. Anyone can start something, but very few can consistently finish. James Bond shows us that determination isn’t an optional part of manhood, it’s required.
Remember! Bond is great, not perfect. Likewise, your lifestyle will never be perfect. But it can be great!

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