Try to understand how customers think about your pricing

You can’t ask your customers directly how much they are willing to pay about your product or service. They’ll naturally give you a lower price, to their benefit.  However, there are a variety of ways to find out how customers think about pricing.
Start asking a series of general satisfaction questions (customers appreciate being asked how they can be better served) and be sure to include pricing-related questions.

For example:
What competitive products did they consider buying?
If they tell you they do not intent to look at other products, this is a clear sign of an opportunity to raise price.
Those who consider various alternatives are likely to be more price-driven.
With this question, you can start of creating a pricing-related customer segmentation.
In B2B transactions, where pricing is the result of negotiation, this segmentation is critical to calculating the right price for each customer.
What do they think about your pricing?
Don’t explore too much. Ask and wait! Some customers will discuss at great length. Others will remain silent! Take whatever you can from this question and go forward.
What other features would they like to be added to the product?
With this question, your company will better understand what customers’ value. And what they are willing to pay a premium for!
What they like and dislike about your pricing policy?
It is an open question. Customers have the opportunity to discuss pricing.
Do they like the way they purchase your products? Are they prefer to buy your products with other ways?
There are various pricing techniques that can be used to sell a product (i.e. all-you-can-eat). If customers prefer a different method of setting prices, be open to meeting their needs.
Answers to the above (or similar) questions, may lead to improved pricing initiatives and increased profits.

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