Focus on your profit margin

Let’s think how customers behave these difficult days:
They buy less (in smaller volumes or numbers);
Their decision process takes longer;
Tend to search for substitutes on the market or in their companies/homes that offer a similar or close benefit to the original product or service;
Undoubtedly, it weighs the same importance to present to customers the superior advantage, additional benefits or how you can better solve their needs, but the fact is that the price criterion has arrived to weigh more in the purchase decision;
Payment terms are being negotiated on longer and longer terms (even though, there are anyway observed payment excesses);
Given these trends (these are only some of the changes in customer behavior that have occurred), it is normal to be focused more on the profit margin (i.e. the difference between sales generated and the cost to produce or buy each of the units sold).
The above are some of the consequences, since companies have limited access to bank borrowings to support their actions on the existing markets, let alone to approach new customers segments or competitors` clientele.
Today entrepreneurs focus on the profit margin, while they have also limited resources to assign for commercial actions targeting existing customers, as well as prospects.

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