Capital raising: Are you really ready to dance?

Let’s be honest! Raising capital is tough to do and it takes specialized people to make it happen. Entrepreneurs must take a step back and look at the big picture in order to properly prepare themselves for the investment game.
Ask yourself the following questions to understand how ready are you to work with a venture capital company:
Do you think that lack of adequate funding is the biggest problem to the development of your business venture?
Are you in a position to prepare a list of all issues that are critical to your business and the market you operate in?
Do you think that you need access to specialized business advice and support in order to grow profitably your business?
Do you have enough time to spend to discussions with venture capitalists on all aspects of your business? (That’s where the dance really begins)
Do you feel that a venture capitalist could be a credible partner in your business?
Are you willing to give a venture capitalist an ownership position in your business?
Would you consider letting go of some of the emotional involvement you feel as the owner/founder of your business?
Would you consider giving a venture capitalist a seat on your Board of Directors?
Are you willing to accept that future business decisions may require discussions and negotiations with others?
Are your prepared to start developing a comprehensive business plan?
The most important rule of this investment dance:  You need to tell the truth as much as possible. THINK! How far should you stretch the truth before venture capitalists find you out?

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