The personality traits of today's risk managers

Businesses facing uncertain times are increasingly looking to the risk management function to help identify critical risks and propose mitigation strategies to enable sustainable growth. Organizations are also maturing in their approach to risk management and risk is gaining a voice at a senior level. To support these increasing demands the role of risk managers is rapidly evolving.
Risk managers, who have typically come from diverse backgrounds, must possess the following  traits:
Thirst for knowledge. A broad and deep knowledge of the company, the industry, etc. and the habit of always acquiring more is necessary. You cannot be an effective risk manager if you do not know what is going on!

An attitude of service. Risk management should be perceived as a valuable resource to management which is there to help them achieve their goals and succeed. Risk managers do not manage risk; they facilitate and coordinate risk management activities and communication.
Analytical skills. Risks can be complex and subtle, so a risk manager needs an analytical mind to help management make solid, evidence-based decisions and demonstrate the ROI from risk management activities.

People and communication skills. All the other traits mean nothing if the risk manager can’t communicate, teach and lead. Risk management is primarily a people process. Break down silos and include the right people (the risk owners and doers) to get the real picture of your risks and often the best way to treat them. People cause approx. 90% of all losses (this includes business decisions), therefore, be good with people.

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