Multiple distribution channels

Some customers want to go on stores.
Some customers want to shop online.
Some customers want to research online, and then buy in stores.
Some customers want to browse in stores, and then buy online.
Some want it now; others can wait.

Some customers are near stores; others are scattered to the winds.
Some products have concentrated demand; others have distributed demand.
If you focus on distributing to just one customer group, you risk losing the others.
The best markets go beyond time and space. They are not constrained by geographic boundaries, nor do they make any assumptions about when people want what they want.
iTunes’ advantage comes primarily from its huge variety and convenient downloads, but being open 24/7, doesn’t hurt either.
Today, you can get CSI on broadcast-TV, video-on-demand, iTunes download, DVD (purchase or rent) and TiVo recording. You can watch it on any device from a plasma screen to a Sony PSP.
Similarly, npr radio shows, which you can get via traditional broadcast, satellite broadcast, web streaming or podcast.
Multiple distribution channels are the only way to reach the biggest potential market.

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