Straight words to potential entrepreneurs

If everyone who has talked about starting a business actually did it, the self-employment would be massy. But most people would rather fantasize about it than actually try to make it happen. Are you a dreamer or in the 1% of the people worldwide who are not employees?
If you want to start your own business because you are tired of being told what to do, because you want more freedom or because you feel unappreciated, it is better to forget it. These are not good reasons for starting a business. These are good reasons for running away from your current job.
If you want to make a lot of money, it is a fine goal but not a great reason.
Try to find your prime motives on starting your own business.
A new business is a financial and professional commitment. But even more, it is an emotional one. There are so many moments in starting a business when the negatives outweigh the positives. In these moments, the emotional commitment alone keeps you going.
Don’t be preoccupied with all the money you are going to make. You must focus on how you are going to go about making it. Set realistic objectives by setting realistic steps, each of which connects to the next one with a logical progression.
Business is a competition and any competition is a head game. Understand the business paradox: the better you think you are doing, the greater should be your concern; the more self-satisfied you are with your accomplishments, your past achievements, your right-moves, the less you should be.
Fear of failure is at least as common as the desire for success. Actually, if properly managed, it can be the energy that drives your business. Learn to use fear rather than letting it use you.
Finally, a lot of building a business is listening to your own common sense, and then taking the steps to turn the theories into practice.

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