The fundamental selling truths

Know your product; Believe in your product; Sell with enthusiasm. These are the fundamental selling truths. If you don’t know your product, people will dislike your efforts to sell it; if you don’t believe in it, no amount of personality and technique will cover that fact; if you cannot sell with enthusiasm, the lack of it will damage the image of your company.
Nothing turns a potential customer quicker than a salesman’s lack of familiarity with his product.
Knowing your product also means understanding the idea behind it –its purpose, how it is perceived- the relationship between it and what someone wants to buy. How will it help the customer? What problem is it solving? What is its promise?
Realizing these intangible features is at least as important as knowing a product’s mechanical features. Furthermore, because they are intangible, and may vary from customer to customer, they can be easily misunderstood.
Knowing your product also means understanding the image it is projecting. All products project an image of some kind. It may be a positive one which you want to promote, or a negative one which you need to overcome.
Part of knowing your product is knowing all the reasons someone might not want to buy it. Anticipate the reasons, state them clearly in your mind and have an answer ready for each of them.
A good portion of almost any sales effort is spent overcoming objections. Don’t try to convince your potential customer that his objections are not valid. Concentrate instead on altering his frame of reference. You may practice a kind of ‘theory of relativity’: Make the customer to ask himself: ‘Compared to what?’  
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