Your business is as good as its suppliers

Running your business successfully means that you have a strong customer base and a stronger supplier base. Therefore, how do you decide if a trade supplier, a bank or an insurance company is good and trustworthy? Keeping in mind the expectations of the customer, suppliers should be able to demonstrate that they can offer you the following:

Reliability. If they are not able to deliver, they are not good to you. If they cannot deliver on time, you should not care how cheap they are. Do they always deliver what you order? They’d better do that!

Value for money. The cheapest price is not always the best value for money. You’ll have to balance between price, reliability, quality and service.

Honesty. You will be surprised by some suppliers’ ethics.

Can do attitude.
The world of business is highly unstable, and often the gap between demand and supply can be hard to predict. A good supplier should be prepared to meet such a contingency.

Expertise. They should be in a position to help you solve any problems you may come across.
We visit potential supplier’s premises to see how it operates. Do they really run a successful business? Do they produce good quality products? We ask information about their clientele.
While the laws of commerce have remained relatively simple, the demands and expectations of the customer keep changing. Therefore, the role of the supplier has changed as well.


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