The power of outsourcing marketing, by Tina Tzaka

Many companies in their efforts to develop, refine or even shrink areas and investing in others, find «outsourcing» the most effective and efficient way to fulfill their corporate functions. There is not just a smart choice for better resource management and cost control, but an innovative strategy representing a new path towards the achievement and integration of business objectives.

When a company gives the marketing function to a third party, that party is solely responsible. This can include everything really, like research, analysis, strategy, planning, implementation and communication activities direct marketing, the public relations and internal communication. All these are implemented, evaluated administered and controlled by the partner who assumes the outsource.

“Outsourcing” enables a company to have access to people with experience, expertise and professional capabilities by saving time, effort, cost and removing the uncertainty to build and maintain relations staff. It seems to be the strongest option for small enterprises, when they need to focus their efforts simultaneously in cost cutting and market share improvement.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?
The utilization of outside marketing experts gives the company the opportunity to maintain or increase market share by reducing operational costs.

There is no need for a company to hire a team for a marketing function. By outsourcing an expert it can reduces overhead and turns a fixed labour cost into variable cost. You can invest in an experienced, high level, professional team with such low costs that otherwise you could not do it.

Marketing experts can provide a company with a new outside perspective. Even though you know your business there is always a need for a fresh independent outside approach, beyond company’s culture. There is always a need to identify your customers’ perspectives.

They bring with them additional skills and expertise in marketing strategy and implementation along with a strong know how in communication tactics, research evaluation and loyalty programs.

Their knowledge and experience allows you to have efficient and cost effective marketing programs in shorter time periods.

In today’s trouble times your resources are limited. You might need to cut your marketing staff and this will affect your results. By outsourcing you can minimize this impact and retain powerful marketing activities.

You can still maintain or even improve your focus on your core activities without changing priority lists, simply by leaving the work that needs specialized skills to the experts.

You can ensure objectivity, speed, performance and results, while be better placed to the continuous changing market environment.

You can achieve better control more quickly and take necessary corrective actions.

The above guest article has been authored by Tina Tzaka. Tina has more than twenty years' professional marketing experience. She has worked in senior marketing management roles within FMCGs and financial services organisations, dealing with the whole spectrum of marketing processes.
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