Admit your fears in sales

Selling a product or a service, is selling yourself. And what are the odds? If you are very good, you are probably going to fail half the time.
Rejection in selling is rarely personal, but simply knowing this does not make it easier to take.  Learning to accept rejection does not mean having to like it. Acknowledge your real feelings and if those real feelings are irritation, frustration or anger, admit to them instead of pretending they don’t exist.
Realizing that it isn’t personal, does not mean you should not take it personally. If you don’t, it may mean that you haven’t put enough of yourself into the effort.
Fear of failure is another problem. Sales results are tangible and measurable in black & white. There is no place to hide.
However, many people do not admit that fear of failure is one of the greatest positive motivators in business. If you are not afraid to fail, then you probably do not care enough about success.

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