Make businesslike business plans

When preparing a business plan, one of the most important elements you should have in mind is balance. On the one hand a business plan should present real projections of your plan and, on the other hand, it is a powerful sales tool as well.
Your business plan must demonstrate optimism,  excitement and  acknowledgment of risks. It must be accurate and businesslike.
You should always keep in mind that the people to whom your plan will be presented are qualified professionals, meaning that unclear, confusing and unorganized plans are not taken seriously. As a result, your idea and you personally are not taken seriously.
Business plans that are not monotonous and show a good use of graphics, could catch the attention of someone who reads numerous of similar presentations every day.
Do not forget that the process of preparing a business plan is ongoing,  as both assumptions and projections are re-evaluated.
The main areas you need to cover in your plan include:
Business Description
Value Proposition
Industry Analysis
Marketing Strategies
Barriers to Entry
Distribution Channels
SWOT Analysis
Financial Analysis
Critical Success Factors
Exit Strategies
Your Team
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