The logic of marketing in business

When you consider the buyer behavior process, you can see that there are many steps which the buyer will go through, even to go to the buying point. How do they identify you as a potential solution to their buying needs? What information do they have to evaluate your solution? How do you reduce the perceived risk in purchase?
You need Marketing to provide strategies to assist you to engage with the customer, improve their customer experience (before and after purchase), make them to buy from you again and refer you to others.  
You need Marketing to identify what problems your business solve and who has these problems. You need to know who your ideal customer is and how you can get your message in front of him.
You need Marketing to tell you how to create customer experiences not just how to spend money on advertising.
Marketing is not about pushing you into the market by throwing information at prospects.  
What you have to work out is the cost of customer acquisition. Anything you do that puts your resources (budget, people, etc) in front of the wrong prospect is money wasted.
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