Presenting your business concept to an investor

When meeting a potential investor assume you have approximately 45 minutes in total to present your business concept. Therefore, 20 slides with a minute for each should be the most you aim to present. Slides must have few words and many graphics as possible. Use the slides as talking points. Better not to be read as the full story. The structure of your presentation should be as follows:
Your background: In the first five minutes talk about your professional background. Why did you decide to do this company and what are your goals. Make an effort to connect with your investor personally.
Your market: Present the size of your market with industry statistics.
Your competition: Who are the players in this market and how they operate?
Your business competitive advantage: What is unique about your business? Product, pricing, location, knowhow, access to customers, experience of your employees ?
Your operational milestones: What is your plan to the next 6, 12 and 24 months?
Your technology : What systems do you have or need?  At what cost?
Your shareholders: Who has already invested in your business (money, knowhow, time, etc.)? When? At what valuation?
Your financials: Current and forecast profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow for the next 36 months on a monthly basis. How much capital do you need in order to break even your cashflow? When?
Your requirements: How much capital are you seeking at this stage? At what valuation? Will be requirements for further capital? When?
Next steps: Propose a timetable to your investor for an expression of interest and submission of indicative terms sheet.
Investors make a lot of questions. If you are not able to answer all of them during the presentation, make notes and send the data to them within the next couple of days.
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