Customers may destroy your business

When you manage a business, think that, it is not only what you do well, but also what your customers do well. Delayed payments have climbed substantially over the past three years, creating serious cash flow difficulties and supply chain interruptions in numerous businesses. This troubled situation must alert you when accepting new-new business, big orders from existing customers or dealing with existing customers who do not find it important to pay their obligations on time.
It is a huge mistake to accept any client because you are desperate for business. A careful and patient customer-hunting-approach, will pay dividends for your company in the long run.
A bad customer
·         sabotages your confidence in what you do,
·         bullies you into accepting unfavorable trading terms,
·         always delays or looks for excuses to avoid payments and
·         never speaks the truth.
He can be a nightmare.
Non-paying or slow-paying  customers, negatively affect your cash flow. Even healthy businesses can face troubles without a satisfactory cash flow.
Very good management of your clientele ensures that your customers build, not damage your business.
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